Kyle Kuzma calls Luol Deng a Timberbull

Earlier today, it was reported that the Minnesota Timberwolves are close to signing free agent forward Luol Deng top a one-year deal after his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s the type of news that usually goes under the radar of most NBA fans since Deng isn’t the type of player he used to be and adding him to a roster isn’t really expected to move the needle of his new team. It is, however, one that definitely caught the attention of second-year Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma.

Assuming that Deng’s transaction with the Timberwolves would push through, that would make him the fourth former player from the 2013-14 Chicago Bulls squad who will be on Minnesota’s roster this coming season. In that case, he’ll be joining Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, and Taj Gibson in the club of former Tim Thibodeau players in Chicago to join reunite with the head coach in the Twin Cities.

If Joakim Noah will be cut anytime soon by the New York Knicks, then it’s probably going to make Thibodeau’s eyes light up in excitement, too.

With the Lakers unable to find a trade partner who will absorb Deng, the team opted to solve their Luol Deng problem by buying out the Sudan native’s onerous contract earlier this month.

In two seasons with the Lakers, Deng averaged just 7.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 1.3 assists in only 57 game appearances.