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Kyle Kuzma replaces LeBron James as his GOAT after Lakers trade

Kyle Kuzma Lakers LeBron James

Kyle Kuzma has had a whirlwind exit from the Los Angeles Lakers. From being the centerpiece in the blockbuster trade that brought in Russell Westbrook, to have his car literally stolen and crashed in a police chase, things definitely have bee wild for Kuz recently.

The trade also ends his three-year partnership with LeBron James. Kuzma was in fact James’ second-leading scorer on the Lakers during their first year together, when he averaged a career-high 18.7 points. At the time, Kuzma was all-in on LeBron James as the GOAT.

Even prior to their teaming up in Los Angeles, Kuz already considered LeBron James above anyone, particularly name-dropping Lakers icon Kobe Bryant during a Hoops on Fox podcast during the 2018 NBA Finals.

Via Lee Tran of Fadeaway World:

“Um… Golden State. It’s tough. It’ll be interesting. I want to see how they do against Houston. I think Houston’s had a phenomenal season. Bron is Bron. I’m never going to count him out, because he’s the greatest player of this generation. No question. … It’s hard to go against Kobe but, I mean, he’s been to the Finals seven straight times.”

But after the Lakers traded him away, did Kyle Kuzma have a change of heart on LeBron James as the GOAT? Kuz recently retweeted a graphic feature Kobe Bryant, whom he called the “greatest ever”.

Mean anything, folks? Probably not. Kyle Kuzma and LeBron James seemed to be in good terms upon their parting of ways, as Bron even threw him a going away party.

With his exit from the Lakers, Kyle Kuzma definitely has a chip on his shoulder going into a new situation. His first head-to-head matchup with LeBron James is bound to be worth the watch.