Lakers news: L2M report reveals incorrect call that led to LeBron James' game-winning free throws vs. Kings
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L2M report reveals incorrect call that led to LeBron James’ game-winning free throws for Lakers vs. Kings

LeBron James, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers managed to get a narrow victory against the Sacramento Kings in what turned out to be a close and entertaining match on Friday.

LA managed to snatch the win with key free throws from LeBron James late in the game. However, it seems like there’s more to the game than what meets the eye.

The NBA released the game’s Last Two Minute report of the much-talked-about game to put an end on all of the speculation surrounding James and Sacramento forward Harrison Barnes. The winning free throws were given to the Lakers after Barnes reportedly fouled LeBron on his way to the basket.

The report refutes the call made by the officials, saying that it should have been called an offensive foul on James.

This revelation will put many a Kings fan up in arms. While there’s no certainty that the offensive foul would have changed the course of the game, it would have still given Luke Walton a chance to craft a strategy that would have placed Sacramento in a much better situation.

However, the game is now over, and all the players could do is move on and look forward to their next game.

The Kings are still ways away from playoff contention and will be looking for a spark that will help them win more games.