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Trainer reveals what Brandon Ingram has been working on

A trainer has revealed what rising star for the Los Angeles Lakers, Brandon Ingram, has been working on in the offseason. It aims to take him to the next level, and at the same time, make him healthier.

Gunnar Peterson, an NBA trainer for 22 years, shared what are Ingram’s workout goals this season. As reported by Mike Trudell of NBA.com, Gunnar said that Ingram will work on his overall strength:

We’ll keep working on overall strength. On ankle stability. Any guy with long levers, that ankle is holding up a big structure. Then knee stability, core strength and keep getting the body weight up a little bit. If he performs well and avoids injuries, at the end of the day, we don’t care if he weights 200 or 220 pounds.

Ingram played 59 games last season. He was marred by several injuries including a groin strain and a muscle neck contusion. It forced him to miss the last few games of the regular season.

As Peterson mentioned, it seemed that his workout is bent on avoiding these injuries here and there. He even offered a forecast as to when Ingram will reach his peak:

Let’s look at him when he should be peaking as an NBA player – whether that’s 25, 26, 27 – and see what he looks like then. It will be greatly different from what he looked like as a rookie. Assuming the size and strength he puts on is done in a controlled and intelligent manner, which it is here, he should have fewer injuries … but some injuries just happen.