While LeBron James refused to talk about Russell Westbrook's bad shot in crunch time that doomed the Los Angeles Lakers against the Portland Trail Blazers, his on-court reaction may provide some hints about his feelings towards the epic fail.

To recall, with 30 seconds remaining in the game and the Lakers ahead 102-101, Westbrook surprisingly decided to take a jumper. He probably thought that he could make the open shot, but instead, he botched it as the ball bounced on the rim and the Blazers got the rebound for the possession.

It was a bad attempt for a variety of reasons. For one, Westbrook hasn't been shooting well in the game. Second, if he really wanted to score, he could have driven to the basket instead where he works best. Third, there was still a lot of time left on the clock, so the team could have played it more slowly and opted for the best available options. Of course there is the argument of Russ going for the 2-for-1 situation, but the fact remains that he didn't take the best possible shot.

LeBron's face and gesture when Westbrook took the shot showed both confusion and frustration, and it was the same thing for Anthony Davis.

After Westbrook's failed attempt, the Blazers took the 104-102 lead off a Damian Lillard triple. James was able to tie it up, but a Jerami Grant game-winner denied the Lakers the chance to get their first win of the campaign.

A lot of fans looked back at the game and pointed on the Westbrook miss as the turning point of the contest. While Russ wasn't the only one to blame for the loss, he certainly didn't help himself here.

As for LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they can only move on and try to figure out what they can do better the next time they take the floor with Russell Westbrook.