LeBron James has been with Nike throughout his entire NBA career. As a matter of fact, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar has been an endorser even before he got drafted into the league nearly two decades ago. At this point, it's safe to say that he has unwavering loyalty to the brand and vice versa.

In Saturday's surprise appearance at the Drew League in Los Angeles, LeBron exhibited his unquestionable devotion to Nike with a simple gesture. The Drew League jerseys were sponsored by Adidas, one of Nike's biggest competitors in the sportswear industry, so James decided to literally cover their logo on his shirt (h/t Complex Sneakers on Twitter):

As you can see on the original photo of the jersey, the Adidas logo is prominently placed right over the chest area of the jersey. James decided to cover it up so as not to lead to any confusion with regard to his affinity to Nike. There's likely some sort of clause in his multi-million dollar deal with Nike that prohibits him from wearing any other sports brand apart from theirs.

Regardless of what he was wearing, though, I'm pretty sure LeBron James would have still put on a show for the fans in attendance. He ended up leading his team to victory with an epic stat line of 42 points, 16 rebounds, and four steals.

The King clearly enjoyed himself, but it wouldn't be surprising if this ends up being the final Drew League appearance of his career.