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LeBron James ex-teammate’s savage shot at Charles Barkley over GOAT slander at Lakers star

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LeBron James is still knee-deep in his own playing career, but that won’t stop the GOAT talk from hovering around him. The Los Angeles Lakers have positioned themselves to compete for yet another title, which could bring huge implications towards his legacy after he hangs it up.

But if you ask Charles Barkley, the Lakers’ trade for Russell Westbrook, and LeBron James’ team-ups with superstars in the past for that matter, have damaged any cache he had to be considered the greatest ever.


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One of LeBron James’ former teammates in Richard Jefferson quickly came to the defense of the Lakers star in the comments. Not only did he defend James’ lack of early career success, but he also took a pointed shot at Charles Barkley himself.

“In all fairness Chuck is right. Lebron didn’t get drafted to a team with Shaq like Kobe. Cavs never found the Pippen in Bron’s first 8 years because he was too good they never drafted that high. Ps… Charles got drafted to a team with Dr.J, Moses Malone and 2 other Hall of Famers. I see his point though.”

The Lakers are now considered yet another “super” team that LeBron James has formed together. But the Purple & Gold have very real problems on their roster. If King James can get everything to work completely for them to win a title, that’s definitely another bullet in the chamber of his GOAT argument.