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LeBron James gets bold warning from Magic Johnson after praising Kevin Durant

LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Kevin Durant, Lakers, Nets

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has made it known that he’s far from done. While he showed signs of breaking down after another injury-riddled season, LeBron implied he’ll be back with a vengeance.

Lakers great Magic Johnson, however, doesn’t necessarily agree. For him, LBJ is already on his last legs and his reign will soon be over. In an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up, Magic boldly said LeBron only has one year left before Brooklyn Nets main man Kevin Durant owns the NBA.

While LeBron is arguably the most durable NBA superstar in history, spending millions of dollars every year to maintain his body, he got hampered by injuries for the second straight year. His high ankle sprain clearly bothered him in the NBA Playoffs and he failed to lift the Lakers past the first round.

The King has repeatedly proven critics wrong that he’s already washed up. He was on pace to win his fifth MVP trophy last season—at 36 years old—before he got derailed by injuries.

BUT, and that’s a big but, Magic’s comment isn’t entirely preposterous. Durant showed everyone that he can take over any game when he’s healthy. He was extra special in the NBA Playoffs, saving the Nets almost every single game with his incredible shot-making ability that opposing defenses have no answer for.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant surely have had their battles. While LBJ won in the early goings, KD has had the advantage in recent years. Magic Johnson’s statement wasn’t exactly shade, but knowing The King, he might just use it as motivation to keep pushing the boundaries.