The Los Angeles Lakers are amid a heated NBA In-Season Tournament matchup against the Phoenix Suns. After originally being listed as questionable, LeBron James was healthy enough to play in the Lakers' quarterfinal game. One sequence involving Grayson Allen had James heated during the 1st quarter.

LeBron James tries to hold things down for Los Angeles amid a Suns run

James brought the ball down the court during the fastbreak only to bounce the ball off what appeared to be Devin Booker's foot. The play resulted in Phoenix's fastbreak that resulted in a Grayson Allen “and one.” Of course, James was upset about the uncalled kicked ball:

Was it the correct call to let play continue? The referees appeared to make the judgment that James simply lost the ball instead of calling it a kicked ball. Regardless, the Lakers have to find a way to close the game out well if they want to advance to the In-Season Tournament semifinals.

Los Angeles found themselves down by seven after Grayson Allen's pivotal play. However, the Lakers went on an incredible run that gave them a 59-47 lead at Halftime. LeBron James and Anthony Davis each ended the half with double-digit scoring numbers.

On the other hand, the Suns are struggling to hold on. Phoenix has not moved the ball well, as they were out-assisted 17-10 by the end of the second quarter. Kevin Durant and Devin Booker are likely to go on a scoring clinic as the third quarter prepares to start.

Meanwhile, LeBron James looks to continue leading LA despite his early-game frustrations.