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Lakers’ LeBron James hilariously reacts to meme clowning Kevin Durant, Nets

Lakers, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Nets Bruce Brown

For the second time in three seasons, LeBron James is just like us during the NBA Playoffs. With the Los Angeles Lakers already sent home, James is sitting back as a spectator like any fan, reacting to memes making light of some of the heated postseason moments.

The Lakers star witnessed the final moments of the tightly contested Game 3 of Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets. The Nets had a chance to sink a dagger into the Bucks’ heart with seconds left to play, but instead of Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant getting a look, it ended up with role player Bruce Brown. Brown got a late-minute attempt not once, but twice.

LeBron James clearly saw the action and the ensuing memes that NBA Twitter provided. Josiah Johnson, a master of meme production, had the Lakers star downright giddy about this one post straight clowning Kevin Durant, Bruce Brown, and the Nets.

The Lakers star wasn’t the only one clowning on Brown and the Nets, as Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum got in on the action. McCollum hasn’t forgotten when he became the butt of NBA Twitter’s jokes for letting down Damian Lillard in an earlier playoff game. He called for some equal treatment on Brown’s blunder. Safe to say he got his wish.

Never change, NBA Twitter.