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LeBron James looks back to Cleveland return, compares it to 2010 in ESPN series

LeBron James is arguably the best NBA player and most influential athlete of the past decade. The Ohio native has won three titles, twice with the Miami Heat and once with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s now working on trying to win a ring or two with the Lakers.

But his three titles did not come without any criticism from the fans. In 2010, he left Cleveland to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in South Beach, and it did not sit well for a lot of people. A lot of Cavs fans cursed, mocked, and despised James after his announcement. He was booed loudly when the Heat visited the Cavaliers in December of that year.

But after spending four seasons with the Miami Heat, James returned to the Cavaliers. He spent another four years there, before signing with the Lakers this summer. When James and the Lakers played in Cleveland this season, the four-time NBA MVP couldn’t help but compare and contrast with his return back in 2010.

James shared his sentiments in the final episode of ESPN’s “More than an Athlete,” a docu-series that follows the life of the future Hall of Famer.

“The only thing I knew, it couldn’t get any worse than Dec. 2, 2010,” James says in the documentary.

“For 11 years of my professional career, I knew what I gave to that franchise,” James says. “That night showed me [the fans] appreciated what I gave to that franchise and what I’m still giving to that to the community even though I’m gone.”

When James made his return to Cleveland this year, there were no boos, no cursing, mocking, or burning of jerseys. He received a standing ovation, a tribute video, and loud cheers. Cavaliers fans have finally moved on from what happened in 2010. Now they are just thankful that James won a title for the entire city of Cleveland.