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LeBron James makes first statement after NBA players vote to resume season

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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James made his first statements after the NBA decided to not boycott the remainder of the season. How do we know this? Tickle me glad you asked, boss.

LeBron took to the mean streets of Twitter to express his feelings: 

It’s a bit cryptic, but the message came shortly after news broke that the NBA decided to resume the season. Reports from the evening prior more than inferred that The King was spearheading a movement to boycott the entire season. This decision by the league obviously goes counter that preferred method.

LeBron James, Lakers, NBA Relationship

Only time will tell what this means, if anything, in regards to his relationship with the NBA. That being said, LeBron James is the biggest face of the league, often using his platform to speak on injustices. Now that he plays for a storied franchise like the Los Angeles Lakers, and his stardom burns bright beyond just sports, Adam Silver best make sure he and Bron Bron remain in similar footing moving forward.

Nonetheless, for fans, the league returning to action after a couple of days off will be welcomed. While most can appreciate the reason for the boycott, selfishly speaking, many just want to see the Lakers and LeBron James on the hardwood.