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LeBron James’ pep talk for Bronny’s team

Bronny James LeBron James

It would be nice if every parent could have a conversation with their kid about buying into the concept of the team. Obviously, everyone wants to see his or her child play every minute of every game, but that’s just not the reality.

Much more can be learned from buying into a role and fulfilling that role to the best of your abilities. LeBron James spoke to his son’s AAU team about how important it is to buy into a role.

James’ pep talk for Bronny’s AAU team is transcribed below.

“We got Hall of Famers and some of the best players that ever played the game came off the bench or didn’t play. That don’t mean you’re not good. There’s guys in the NBA that don’t play. Does that mean they’re not good? They got to the NBA because they were sorry? They’re just playing a role. If you don’t want a role, play tennis or golf, cause then you can do what the f–k you wanna do and you have no one else to blame cause it’s only an individual sport. If that’s what you wanna do, play tennis or play golf. But if you wanna play a team sport there’s gonna be things that you’ve gotta give up to get what you want.”

This is a pep talk that every kid playing basketball needs at some point in their career. It’s difficult to take on a role sometimes, but it’s an important thing to do for the overall good of the team.

Bronny’s at the age where basketball is starting to become more and more competitive. Every kid needs to hear this at some point. It’s a difficult thing to hear, but maybe it’s a little easier to take it in when it’s coming from the best player in the world.