Lakers news: LeBron James reacts to Michael Jordan's GOAT video
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Lakers’ LeBron James reacts to Michael Jordan’s GOAT video

LeBron James, Lakers, Michael Jordan

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James said “I’m ready!!!!” when he thought he would take on a potential head-to-head showdown against Michael Jordan for the coveted title of greatest of all time. Yet The King, like many others, was tricked with this Sunday Night Football ad that will feature two of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, as the two face each other the upcoming Sunday.

The SNF ad was brilliantly done and likely the moment James had been waiting for to finally set the score on his legacy, as the 33-year-old Lakers superstar has all the athleticism to take out a 55-year-old Jordan, who hasn’t played professionally since his third retirement in 2003 after two seasons with the Washington Wizards.

Unlike LeBron James and Michael Jordan, who have fallen in different generations, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have been neck-and-neck through the arc of their careers. The former has the title advantage, while the Green Bay Packers gunslinger possesses a fascinating arm talent like no other in the sport.

Brady heads into Monday night’s game against the Buffalo Bills ranking third on the all-time list in passing touchdowns (504), fourth in completions (5,799) and fourth in passing yards (68,035). Rodgers is seven years younger than Brady and got a slower start to his career after taking over Brett Favre’s throne during his fourth season, now ranking 10th, 19th and 18th in those respective categories.

It surely wasn’t the GOAT debate we were hoping Michael Jordan would help settle, but football fans would surely not complain about this cross-conference game in a bright spotlight for all to see.