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Lakers star LeBron James reveals one candy bar he’d rather live without

LeBron Lakers candy

LeBron James definitely has some time on his hands. After all, the Los Angeles Lakers are almost two months removed from being eliminated from the playoffs. With his newfound free time, he also revealed which candy bar he’d remove from this earth.

King James responded to one of those Twitter questions that we’ve all done, for one topic or another. This one was on candy bars. Safe to say the Lakers star didn’t have to second guess which candy he’d do away with.

To all you Almond Joy fans out there, a certain Lakers superstar is questioning your life decisions. It’s both pretty hilarious and highly surreal that the NBA Finals are going on, and LeBron James is out here answering Twitter questions in all caps, but this is the new reality we live in, apparently.

The Lakers star has spent a lot of time watching his sons’ basketball games, and has also been extra active on social media to promote the premiere of his highly anticipated big screen blockbuster – Space Jam 2.

While fans of the Purple & Gold would have definitely preferred having their franchise player playing in the postseason, it’s a solid consolation to have LeBron James recharge. Hopefully by this time next year, King James is back to Finals intensity instead of hating on Almond Joy.