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Lakers star LeBron James called out by Kendrick Perkins over Space Jam 2 snub

Kendrick Perkins LeBron James Space Jam 2 Lakers

LeBron James has long been eliminated from the NBA playoffs, and yet he’s still having to face his fair share of critics. The Los Angeles Lakers star has been on a full-court press in promoting his Hollywood baby – Space Jam 2. The movie has definitely gotten mixed reviews thus far, but it’s definitely not due to lack of star power.

LeBron James’ big screen production features loads of high-profile NBA players like Damian Lillard, Draymond Green, and even his Lakers teammate Anthony Davis. However, former teammate Kendrick Perkins is apparently salty he didn’t get a callback.

“Shoutout to LeBron James and Space Jam 2 and all of that,” said Perkins directed at the Lakers star. “Right now, I don’t give a damn! Here’s why – Ay Bron, why couldn’t I have a role in Space Jam 2, have a part in the movie. I could have been a character, a new character! Take a look, Carry On!”

Now obviously Kendrick Perkins called out the Lakers star in jest. But maybe LeBron James could have given Perk a second look? After all, he definitely knows how to rile people up as he’s found success as an NBA analyst. Perhaps his wisecracking antics would have translated well alongside the Looney Tunes.