Lakers news: LeBron James' SpringHill Entertainment producing Tulsa Race Massacre documentary
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LeBron James’ SpringHill Entertainment producing Tulsa Race Massacre documentary

LeBron James, Lakers, Tulsa Race Massacre

LeBron James has been loud and constant in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the consequent protests and riots that have come as a result of an agonizing fight against police brutality. The Los Angeles Lakers star will now help shed light on how long racial inequality has been in the air, as his media company SpringHill Entertainment is slated to produce a documentary based on the Tulsa Race Massacre.

The massacre took place in the Tulsa neighborhood of Greenwood in 1921, one known as “Black Wall Street,” due to its affluence and lucrative success. It was that success that eventually led to black residents being viewed as threats to their white neighbors during segregation, leading to one of the worst racial massacres in American history.

Salima Koroma, who also produced the documentary “Bad Rap” in 2016, is developing the documentary, which could coincide with the centennial anniversary of the massacre in 2021:

The Lakers star made a brief statement on the news:

SpringHill has been a stanchion of black empowerment with documentaries like “Shut Up and Dribble” and others that chronicle the life and times of African American athletes in the United States.

The James-led sports media company, Uninterrupted, has also lent a voice to those looking to say their piece outside of the general media lens.

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