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LeBron James to treat I Promise School students to the movies

LeBron James, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is doing something special for the students at his I Promise School, treating them to a special advanced screening of the animated movie “Smallfoot” that is set to release in cinemas around the country on Sept. 28.

The four-time MVP stars in the movie as the voice of a yeti named Gwangi, and the students of James’ school will hear a familiar voice when they see the film a week before the rest of us.

Back in March, James spoke about his coming media project with Cleveland.com, and he was very excited about the film’s premise.

“It’s about Yetis trying to find you guys, humans,” James said. “I play one of the main characters in the movie, his name is Gwangi. I was doing voice over for it yesterday. We have a launch date of Sept. 24, I believe, if not sooner. It’s fun to actually put your voice into a character and then see some of the clips come to life. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter watch it. She loves, obviously, animated movies. To hear her dad’s voice she’s going to be kind of weirded out a little bit at first. But she’ll get it as the movies goes on.”

The basketball savant isn’t the only familiar star in this movie, however, as James joins forces with accomplished movie names Channing Tatum, James Corden, Danny DeVito and Zendaya.

James has produced numerous TV shows, but this will be just the second time the three-time NBA champion will star in a movie on the big screen. The first was the hit comedy “Trainwreck,” which was released in 2015 with James playing himself in the movie.