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Lakers star LeBron James trolls ‘Courtside Karen’ after heated exchange

Lakers, LeBron James

The saga between Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and the furious Atlanta Hawks fans continues. On Monday, the reigning Finals MVP got into a heated altercation with a couple of fans during the fourth quarter of their game against the Hawks. The situation seemed to get out of hand, which forced the referees to stop the game and had security escort the rowdy fans out of the building.

James, who initially took the high road with his postgame comments, seemed to add fuel to the fire when he took to social media to mock the angry fan. In his tweet, the Lakers star referred to the ejected fan, who was identified as Juliana Carlos, as “Courtside Karen” and said that she was “MAD MAD”.

To LeBron James’ defense, Mrs. Carlos was indeed mad. After being escorted out of the State Farm Arena, Carlos went on her own social media to rant about the incident. Carlos explained that she was simply defending her husband Chris, who was initially the subject of the trash talking of the Lakers forward.

According to her explanation, James and her husband exchanged expletives, which pushed her to chime in and spit out some cuss words herself. And before things escalated even more, the arena security stepped in and simply asked the couple–as well as two other fans–to step out of the arena.

James was quick to shrug the incident right after the game, which the Lakers won. For the 36-year-old, the whole situation wasn’t really a big deal and even said that he felt that the fans shouldn’t have been ejected after the heated exchange.