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Lonzo Ball debuts new shoes, wants to call them ‘Bumblebees’

LaVar Ball

Lonzo Ball’s shoe selection has made headlines even before being drafted. During the Lakers 132-113 win over the Atlanta Hawks, the rookie wore a new design of Big Baller Brand shoes. ClutchPoints’ Ryan Ward reports Lonzo already knows how his new kicks should be called:

Lonzo did not just come up with the name out of nowhere and decided that was the way he was calling his next shoe design. Note how the word Bumblebees has three letter B’s in it. That is an allusion to the Big Baller Brand — or BBB — he and his family own.

Lonzo Ball is original in every way. Whether it be his outspoken dad, his amazing passing abilities at only 19 years old, his unorthodox shooting form, but most importantly having his very own shoe brand. No shoe company was willing to pay as much money as LaVar Ball asked. The amount was all the way up at $3 billion dollars at one time.

Speaking on Fox Sports 1’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” before the NBA Draft, LaVar said he was increasing the $1 billion dollar mark he asked major shoe companies for if they wanted to partner with Big Baller Brand:

“Now that Lonzo’s headed to Los Angeles, what they should have done is give me a billion dollars and let me be on my way”

LaVar was then questioned about the asking price being too high and unrealistic. “Unrealistic to you,” Ball answered. He immediately increased the price:

“Now you know … if they want to talk to me now, it just went up to $3 billion. Triple B’s — billion, billion, billion… That’s the only way they going to come at me. I’m already in the building. I don’t need them for nothing, as you can tell.”

There is still no word about Lonzo’s latest shoes’ actual name or if it the design will be released for public purchase.