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Lonzo Ball explains when everything isn’t ‘find and dandy’ LA needs to unite


Following a tough outing on Friday night, which featured a relatively epic collapse, Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball described the situation.

For those unaware, the Clippers went on a 22-0 run against the Lakers, leaving the depleted Purple and Gold on the wrong side of the victory column.

“They were trying to talk to us in the best way they could, but it’s not the same as them being out there,” Ball, who had 19 points, told reporters of the vocal veterans.

“Guys were getting frustrated,” Ball said. “Anytime a team goes on a 22-0 run, it’s not going to be all fine and dandy.

“We have got to regroup. We can’t argue with each other. We’re on the same team. So, we just got to step up and accept the roles that we’re coming into right now.”

LeBron James is currently dealing with an injury, which naturally puts the Lakers at a disadvantage. That being said, a loss like this will certainly get the talking heads all hot and bothered. Don’t be shocked if randoms beg for Luke Walton’s head on a stick and/or claim Los Angeles needs a trade in the immediate future.

Either way, the long NBA trope is about how the sport is a game of runs. On Friday, the Clippers had a historic one. And yet, sometimes, it just happens… and doesn’t need to be the end of the world.