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Video: Lonzo Ball scores first basket, a 3-pointer

lonzo ball, lakers

The Lakers have struggled in the first half, letting the LA Clippers take a 53-42 lead at Staples Center. Lonzo Ball, arguably the most famous 2nd overall pick in NBA history, has had trouble adjusting to the physicality of the NBA, at least according to this video:

Luckily for Ball, he does not need to adapt a new play style on all fronts quite yet. Many critics have predicted Lonzo’s awkward shot will allow virtually any NBA player to defend him, but that very shot happened to be the first basket Ball made in his NBA debut.

This shot attempt was a sweet three pointer that looked to show a sign the Lakers would begin to dig themselves out of the early slump. Blake Griffin
has been tearing down this young Lakers team, putting up 18 points so far in the first half.
With one more half to go, the Lakeshow had better hope someone steps up to take down their LA sister team. The NBA purposefully had these two teams play each other for their opening nights to set the stage of who was the dominant LA team from out the gate, and Griffin has no intention to let that title slip it seems.
That $173 million contract is looking really nice right about now. Hopefully Griffin can stay healthy the entire five years.