Magic Johnson has team ownership stakes in the MLB, MLS and NFL, but ever since selling his stakes on the Los Angeles Lakers, he has yet to be part of an ownership group for an NBA franchise.

Of course his love for the Lakers is probably what's keeping him from joining other teams. But if there's one other franchise that he would consider buying into the ownership group, it's the New York Knicks.

Johnson revealed in an interview with the Associated Press that becoming a part-owner of the Knicks intrigues him, especially since he's well aware of how passionate New York fans are.

“I think it would be intriguing. The only team I would actually probably think about is the New York Knicks,”  Johnson shared.

“I think because of the way fans love basketball you might have to think about that one, because I love coming to New York and going to the Garden and watching the Knicks play. I love being with fans who are so passionate about their team and the Knick fans are, and they're smart. They're smart basketball fans and so that one I would have to think about. I think that other than that, I would probably never think about ever being a part of another franchise.”

Magic Johnson also revealed that he has been offered ownership opportunities with the Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks, but he rejected them all since he doesn't want to compete with the Lakers. However, if it's the Knicks, the NBA legend could change his mind.

It doesn't mean that Johnson is in conversations with the Knicks for an ownership stake, though. But if the opportunity ever arises, he'll be open to the possibility.

“That one you would really have to think about, in terms of being a minority owner of that team. But other than that, I would just stay with the Lakers and even with my role now, just being a fan, I’m happy just doing that with the Lakers because, again, I bleed purple and gold,” Johnson added.

Perhaps James Dolan might want to consider bringing in Magic Johnson as a minority owner. Considering how successful Johnson has been as a businessman, and given his basketball prestige, he'll more than likely make the New York franchise more appealing.