New York Knicks and Rangers fans have had many gripes with owner James Dolan over the years, and he recently came out with a surprising admission about owning both teams.

James Dolan said that while the Knicks and Rangers are “near and dear” to his heard, he does not really like owning teams, according to Katherine Rosman of The New York Times. Dolan said he has considering his sports portfolio by maybe buying a baseball or soccer team, but he considers the economics of sports leagues “kind of sleepy.” Dolan also thought about buying more venues, and said, “but the venue business is not a great business.”

It is certainly an interesting perspective from Dolan. Fans of both the Knicks and Rangers might find themselves asking why he would not sell the Madison Square Garden and the Knicks and Rangers.

However, Dolan's comments regarding his affinity for both teams clarifies the stance a bit.

Knicks fans have been more vocal when it comes to their anger towards Dolan. The Knicks have been bad for the better part of his ownership, and he is viewed as the main cause of most of those struggles. The Knicks have a good team now, and it seems like he is more hands-off than he was in the past, but the fanbase still holds some anger for the down years.

Dolan has always been viewed as more hands-off when it comes to the Rangers. However, he shocked fans by dismissing president John Davidson and Jeff Gorton after the 2021 season. The Rangers, despite not winning a Stanley Cup since 1994, have been a competitive team for the majority of the last decade or so.