Lakers news: Mo Wagner says "I'm Draymond Green out here" during summer league game
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Mo Wagner says “I’m Draymond Green out here” during Summer League game

Mo Wagner

Mo Wagner is a talented big that the Lakers are likely going to expect big things from in the future. Additionally, his personality is infectious on and off the court. He should fit in well with the exuberant and intriguing Lakers.

Wagner was mic’d up for a summer league game in Las Vegas and his personality was on full display. He could be heard cheering on his teammates, shouting out offensive reminders, and just hyping himself up.

But the most interesting thing he said was when he compared himself to Draymond Green of the Warriors.

“I’m Draymond Green out here.”

The German big man certainly has a big personality like Green, but it remains to be seen if he can play like the Warriors All-Star. He’s got the chatter on the court down. Maybe he could do a little more trash talking if he wants to be more like Draymond.

But if he can develop into anywhere close to the kind of player Green is, the Lakers will take it.

Wagner is dynamic in the sense that he can play on the inside and he can take you outside with his jumper as well. He’ll need to work on his defense and his ability to pass if he hopes to become an All-Star like Green. But the foundation for something special is certainly there.

It will be fun to watch his development on the Lakers. The 25th pick in the draft is entering an excellent situation in Los Angeles. He’s going to play for a contending team without much pressure on his shoulders. He’ll be allowed to develop at his own pace.

He’s not quite Draymond Green yet, but don’t tell him that.