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Olden Polynice tells story of Shaquille O’Neal swinging at Kobe Bryant

olden polynice, shaquille o'neal, kobe bryant

Retired NBA veteran Olden Polynice was working out for the Los Angeles Lakers when the infamous fight between Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant happened.

As posted by FOX Sports, Polynice, 53, shared some juicy details about what went on in the fight. In fact, he was one of the people in the gym who held O’Neal back:

“So Kobe swung at Shaq?” “No! Shaq swung at him! … Shaq was ready to kill him.”

“I can’t let Shaq go. Shaq was ready to kill him.”

Asked on what he believes is the root cause of the Shaq-Kobe duel, Polynice said:

“Testosterone. That’s all it was. Ego. From what I know from both of them. It was just ego getting the best of them.”

Below is the full clip:

Actually, earlier this year, both O’Neal and Bryant sat down in front of each other face-to-face to recall the fight. Bryant narrated his side of the story. Like what Polynice recalled, it started from both parties’ trash talking and when one had enough, a fight ensued:

“And you kept saying ‘yeah, take that little [expletive]. Take that little [expletive].’

I’m looking around, ‘oh [expletive], he’s talking to me.’ I said ‘well hold on, ain’t going to be too many more of those ‘little [expletives].’ And what’d you say? ‘Well what you going to to about it?’

The next thing I knew I saw a big hand coming this way, and I remember going [the other way]….”

Below is the full clip as posted by NBA on TNT: