LeBron James has a masterful job of pretty much denying Skip Bayless' existence for pretty much his entire career by blatantly ignoring whatever the outspoken NBA analyst has to say. Well, this just isn't the case for LeBron's Los Angeles Lakers teammate Russell Westbrook.

Russ literally threatened Bayless on Thursday over the broadcaster's “Westbrick” comment. Apparently, Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George just had to join in on the action (h/t Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints):

George shared Westbrook's fiery response to Bayless on his own Instagram account and included a strong two-word caption for the same: “Real s–t.” It is clear that PG is backing the embattled Lakers star here.

Westbrook has grown tired of the criticism he's received over the past year and he just couldn't hold back anymore. He decided to take out some of his angst on Bayless, who himself has been quite vocal about his not-so-pleasant thoughts about the Lakers guard.

For his part, George is doubling down on Westbrook's clap back. As they always say, the NBA is one big brotherhood and these guys always have each other's backs — regardless if they're on opposing sides of one of the most bitter rivalries in the league.