We all know the impact that LeBron James has on everyone around him, whether it's in the NBA or in the music industry. He's regularly seen hanging out with celebrities like Drake and Justin Bieber, but it appears that one certain artist actually takes Bron's feedback on music. Quavo recently spoke to Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report and revealed that he will even give James unreleased music to vibe to when he's putting in work in the gym or on the court:

“Straightenin” was one of Migos's biggest hits on their most recent album and Quavo actually took Bron's feedback into consideration before dropping the song. In case you forgot, the rap group even made a song called “Taco Tuesday”, which is based on LeBron's signature saying:

Yeah, Quavo and Co. really do respect the King. He also made it clear in the BR interview that the connection between basketball and rap is very close because a lot of artists love to ball in their free time, especially Quavo, while the actual NBA players dress like rappers when they're not on the court. There's never any shortage of NBA-related lyrics in songs nowadays, either.

Is there a potential career after basketball for LeBron James as a music producer? Who knows. But for now, he'll be delighted to know that Quavo is always taking his opinions to heart when making new music.