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Richard Jefferson believes LeBron James, Luke Walton will ‘do great’ together

Richard Jefferson, LeBron James, Luke Walton, Lakers

Richard Jefferson recently stumbled upon TMZ Sports on the way to his car, and he had to answer yet another LeBron James question despite having publicly “broken off” his friendship with him in hopes to be left alone during the endless rumor mill that was this summer.

The NBA veteran was asked if he felt Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton would be able to “handle” James during his stay in L.A. — to which the former teammate posed no doubt.

“He’s gonna do great,” said Jefferson. “They’re both gonna do great.”

Walton and James are merely separated by five years of age, and while the senior authority isn’t there for the man at the helm, he can surely relate to the modern mind of an NBA player — which has helped him tons during the last two years with this young core.

Jefferson shares ties with both player and coach, as he played alongside James with the Cleveland Cavaliers and went to the same school Walton attended — the University of Arizona.

TMZ also trickled into figuring out if Jefferson would make his return to Cleveland after getting traded to the Denver Nuggets for the latter part of the season, saying only “we’ll see” as an answer before hitting the road.

It’s unlikely many teams will make a run for Jefferson, as the 17-year veteran is in the last days of his career after averaging a mere 1.5 points per game last season.