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Rob Pelinka says Pelicans never had any intention of waiting to push Anthony Davis trade to Lakers through

Lakers, Pelicans, Anthony Davis, Rob Pelinka

Thankfully, the Anthony Davis drama is long over. After months of negotiation, head butting, and failed deals, the Los Angeles Lakers finally landed their star. Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka spoke on the difficulties of making the trade happen, and how the New Orleans Pelicans were set on not waiting on a trade for Davis:

Because of the Pelican’s stance, Pelinka was forced to look for a possible second route to a superstar if the team failed to acquire Davis. In order to do this, the general manager added players with the plan of clearing enough space to offer a max contract to a free agent.

In the end, the Lakers ended up with Davis. They now boast a team with two bonafide superstars. They rounded out the roster with plenty of 3-and-D players, including Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Avery Bradley.

We will have to wait and see if the trade ends up benefitting the Lakers. If they win a championship, it will immediately be worth it. However, if they stumble, the young talent they sent to New Orleans blossoms, and Davis leaves in free agency in 2021, it could be a devastating blow to the franchise.

Both the Lakers and the Pelicans got what they wanted. Now we’ll get to watch and see who truly will win the trade.