It now feels like a lifetime away when the Los Angeles Lakers unveiled Russell Westbrook as their most recent superstar acquisition. While there was some doubt as to Russ' fit with the current Lakers roster, the majority of fans were just hyped that Mr. Triple-Double himself was joining LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the rest of the squad in Hollywood.

Earlier reports stated that both LeBron and AD met with Westbrook before the trade was made official. ESPN's Ramona Shelburne has now revealed the details of that meeting, including exactly how Russ pitched himself to the Lakers duo:

Westbrook was both the most aggressive suitor and the most realistic star for the Lakers to land. Plus, he said all the right things when James and Davis pressed him on how he'd approach such a new role.

Statistically and individually, Westbrook told them he felt he'd done everything in his NBA career. All that was left to accomplish was win a title. And doing so in Los Angeles, where he could see his family every day, meant so much to him at this stage in his life.

He'd never played with someone as accomplished as James and was excited to learn from him. If things got rough, he'd lean on him.

Westbrook basically said all the right things to convince LeBron and AD to recruit him to LA. Russ also played the family card to add an emotional touch to his pitch, and this likely served as the cherry on top of the cake for James and Davis.

Unfortunately, things haven't exactly worked out as everyone had hoped. The Lakers are still struggling mightily past the halfway mark of the regular season. All hope is not lost, though, and there's still so much basketball ahead.

What cannot be denied, however, is that time is quickly running out on LA, and they will need to make some drastic improvements in the immediate future if they hope to fulfill their objective of winning another NBA title. LeBron isn't getting any younger, and it would be an absolute shame if this ends up as another wasted campaign for The King.