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Shaquille O’Neal wants Lakers to be aggressive in signing either Kawhi Leonard or Kemba Walker

Lakers, Shaquille O'Neal, Kemba Walker, Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Lakers moved one step closer to contending for an NBA Championship when they acquired superstar Anthony Davis in a trade earlier this week. If it were up to a former Lakers legend, however, the spending wouldn’t be done for Los Angeles.

Appearing as a guest on Fox Sports’ First Things First, Shaquille O’Neal voiced his opinion on what the Lakers should do. According to the legendary big man, O’Neal believes that the Lakers should go out and acquire their third superstar, be it Kemba Walker or Kawhi Leonard, in an effort to almost “guarantee” a championship.

“If I was the Lakers owner, I wouldn’t care about the salary cap, I’d try to get back to prominence. I gotta go for the 1-2-3 punch. If it’s Kemba Walker or Kawhi Leonard, I’m gonna try to get ’em. I’m going to guarantee we win like the Golden State owner did.” Shaq said.

Of course, it’s likely that the Lakers plan on doing just that, with reports already coming out that the team plans to look at Leonard and Walker when free agency begins. Although the Lakers may have some issues creating a third max slot thanks to the timing of their Davis trade and his trade bonus, it seems more than likely that the Lakers will be looking into acquiring more talent.

After last year’s disastrous season for the team, it seems as if they look ready to attempt to stockpile more capable players around LeBron James. With the Western Conference more wide open thanks to the injuries of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, this could be the perfect time for the Lakers to strike, and capture one or two championships while James is still playing extremely well.