Golden State Warriors head coach Stev Kerr came out with some pretty strong allegations against the Los Angeles Lakers. According to the four-time NBA champion coach, LA has been getting away with a lot of flopping throughout what has been a gripping NBA Playoffs second-round series between these two teams.

As expected, the Lakers did not take well to Kerr's criticism. NBA insider Chris Haynes dropped reported before Game 5 tipped off that he was able to get a reaction from an anonymous LA player, who did not have a very cordial reply to the issue at hand:

“I texted a prominent Lakers player. This was his response: ‘Let them b*tch and complain. It shows weakness and frustration. We can't get caught up in that game,'” Haynes said.

Steve Kerr appears to be up to his usual mind games here as he attempts to influence the mindset of the game officials heading into Game 5. The Lakers are having none of it, though, and this unnamed LA player has clapped back at the Warriors coach in a savage way. Honestly, though, it would have been more compelling if he opted not to remain anonymous.

Whatever the case may be, you can be sure that both the Lakers and the Warriors will be leaving everything on the table on Wednesday night. It's the Dubs who are on the ropes, though, with LeBron James and the Lakers just one win away from ending Golden State's title defense in heartbreaking fashion.