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Lakers plan to surround LeBron James with more shooting eventually

lebron james. lonzo ball

With LeBron James agreeing to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers and the rest of the team starting to fill out, a curious crop of gritty players is evident on their roster. However, there seems to be one important type of players they’re missing — shooters. With James’ ability to drive and dish, it’s important to have shooters around him. Although the Lakers don’t have a ton of shooters right now, it’s still something they plan to address.

“I know some people are rolling their eyes but I like what the Lakers have done,” a rival Western Conference executive said to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne. “You can find shooters. They’ve taken some in the last few drafts. Playmakers matter and are harder to find.”

The Lakers also have several moves left to play, including a pursuit of Kawhi Leonard via trade. All parties agree they need more shooting and those type of moves may be coming.

Surrounding James with players who are tough was the Lakers’ original plan and the hopes are the shooters will come later.

James had marksmen around him last year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. But in the playoffs, the 3-point shooters couldn’t seem to hit anything. After the threes didn’t go in, the rest of their games went by the wayside and it led to the team’s struggles.

The Lakers took Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk in the last draft and he was one of the best pure shooters in the draft. Whether he will play much or at all this year is still to be seen, but the Lakers at least have him there at their disposal.