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The heartbreaking scene at Mamba Sports Academy after Kobe Bryant’s tragic death


Kobe Bryant had a lot of things left to do when he and eight others died in a fiery helicopter crash yesterday morning in Calabasas, CA. One of the things the Los Angeles Lakers legend was supposed to do that day was coach one of the basketball camps happening at the Mamba Sports Academy.

More than a hundred kids were waiting for the Black Mamba and his daughter Gianna to arrive to the facility and get the camp started. However, it turns out that none of them will be able to participate in any kind of training exercises with Kobe Bryant as he passed away on his way to the facility in Newbury Park, CA.

Everyone in the facility was devastated when they heard the news and got down on one knee to pray for all of the victims in the fatal crash. Twitter user @_nightingaleee shared the somber scene at the facility after learning that their founder passed away with his daughter.

One of the camp attendants detailed his experience of how all five courts stopped doing what they were doing to mourn Bryant’s untimely death.

Per The Athletic:

“My mom called me and told me and I didn’t believe her at first,” Blake Rosenthal said. “Then I started to see people freaking out and showing other people their phones and everything. All at once, it all started happening. It was crazy. My goodness. And then after that, the coaches started to see it and they showed the refs and they started stopping the games.

“Then all the games were stopped and everyone gathered on one court. Everyone was crying and then they started doing prayers and moments of silence for Kobe. People spoke about how he inspired them. It all just happened so fast and it was so crazy.”

The kids at the Mamba Sports Academy aren’t the only ones mourning the loss of Kobe Bean Bryant. The entire City of Angels are crying tears as one of the city’s shining lights joined his creator.