Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka addressed the media on Thursday as he provided a bit of a glimpse of what to expect from LeBron James and the rest of his squad in the upcoming season. One of the topics that he covered was the Lakers' revolutionary approach when it comes to player training as well as the squad's medical staff. As it turns out, Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar Tom Brady had a lot to do with LA's new model.

According to Pelinka, they're shifting their mindset in terms of the type of “customized” training they intend to provide for each of their players. Naturally, the Lakers looked at no better example than the one and only Tom Brady (h/t Michael Corvo of ClutchPoints):

The Lakers are one of the wealthiest franchises in the NBA, so it only makes sense that they invest a significant amount of money in the development of their players. LeBron James, for instance, had been in the league for almost two decades and at this point, LeBron has already perfected his own personal training technique. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement.

The science behind it all weighs heavily on the Lakers' plans. Based on how Pelinka described it in his statement, it is clear that LA is pulling out all the stops in order to help them achieve their objectives for 2021-22.