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Troy Daniels says new Lakers teammate Jared Dudley is ‘the ultimate vet’

Troy Daniels, Lakers, Jared Dudley

The Los Angeles Lakers signed Jared Dudley a couple of weeks ago with the belief that he can be a reliable 3-point shooter and perimeter defender. However, one thing that stood out about him over the past couple of seasons is his veteran leadership and positive locker room presence, which is also one of the reasons why the team was enamored to acquire him.

Troy Daniels, another newcomer for the Lakers, had high praises for Dudley, whom he played with during their time with the Phoenix Suns back in 2017. Per Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints, Daniels said that he’s glad to see Dudley on the Lakers because of all the great qualities he has as a teammate.

“When I heard he was coming I was unbelievably ecstatic because he’s the ultimate vet…He’s always in your ear. He’s making sure you put the work in. He instills a confidence in you…He’s just a great guy,” Daniels said on Dudley.

“I’m glad he’s on the team. Looking forward to working with him again. We had a fun time in Phoenix. It was a little rough for us, but I think we’re on a team now where we can actually enjoy ourselves. Win games actually play for a championship.”

Dudley has been a familiar foe for the Lakers during his first stint with the Suns from 2008 to 2012. But now that he’s on the team, his ultimate goal is to win a championship. He already has a relatively successful career, but hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy in June will definitely be a welcome achievement for him.