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Twitter hilariously rejoiced for JR Smith when NBA announced no marijuana testing

JR Smith Lakers Marijuana

The NBA is set to start the 2020-2021 on a high note after news came out on Thursday that the league opted to not test its players of marijuana for the duration of the upcoming season. And, for obvious reasons, the first NBA player who immediately trends on social media after the league’s decision to allow players to continue to use cannabis is none other than 2020 NBA champion JR Smith of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Smith, a long-time advocate of the use of marijuna, was lighting up the Twittersphere after this new league development with NBA fans rejoicing on his behalf.


I’ll have what these guys are having.

This bit of good news should be a welcome development to a lot of players in the NBA as the league continues to witness a rise of players turning to marijuana and other CBD products to help them cope with both the mental and physical stress of today’s NBA.

For Smith, this decision from the NBA should be nothing but the right step towards legalizing the use of marijuana which for him was a recipe for championship success, at least inside the NBA Bubble in Orlando last season where he was seen promoting a weed company during their Finals series against the Miami Heat.

Initially, the NBA chose to forego any drug testing during the season break earlier this year to avoid close contact and practice all the necessary health protocols. Though the league eventually brought testing back before the season restart in Orlando, it decided to leave out recreational drugs tests for the players inside the bubble.