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Tyson Chandler says Lakers’ season ruined by ‘perfect storm’

Lakers, Tyson Chandler

This season has not gone as planned for Tyson Chandler and the Los Angeles Lakers.

At the beginning of this campaign, Lakers fans had high hopes for their team. LeBron James joined the roster, leading most experts to believe the team would be vying for a spot in the postseason. Now, however, with the season coming to a close and a 31-40 overall record under their belts, Los Angeles is almost eliminated from the playoffs.

There can be several things credited to this letdown. Adding LeBron came with its own set of hurdles, as the young players already on the roster had to adjust their play styles quite a bit.

James’ arrival wasn’t the only variable the Lakers dealt with this season, however. The injury bug bit quite a few players, including James, who missed a stretch of 17 consecutive games due to a groin injury. With The King sidelined, the team struggled to stay in contention.

And then there was the trade deadline — a time in which several of the Lakers’ young players were said to be included in trade offers for Anthony Davis. Los Angeles failed to reach an agreement with the Pelicans, which meant those same players who were hearing their names in trade scenarios would be staying on the roster.

Chandler, who joined the Lakers back in November, says this season has been like “a perfect storm” of things going wrong:

“It’s the perfect storm,” Chandler told the Los Angeles Times, sitting on the Lakers bench before his warmup Tuesday in Milwaukee. “It was already going to take everybody getting used to playing with a player like LeBron, and I’m saying that in a positive way. Somebody that brings so much to the table and you really run your offense through him. He’s one of the only players in the league that are capable of you just running your offense through him.

“So when you are just kind of getting used to him and you take him out of the equation, and you have young players that are getting used to him, and you take them out of the equation, and you start putting them back, it’s tough. I’m 18 years in, I played with him on Team USA, under different circumstances. It was even difficult for me in 18 years to learn [Rajon] Rondo, learn LeBron, learn Lonzo [Ball]. Learn everybody.”

Chandler, a native of Southern California, says he was hoping for more:

“It’s tough of course because I want it more,” Chandler said. “I want it more for the city, I want it more for my teammates and I know where the organization’s, I know where they’re at and I know where they’re trying to go. I was very much looking forward to coming and being a part of and helping get this process going. I feel like I’ve done that regardless of what the circumstances of the season [were.]”

In the end, it was a bunch of factors leading to the Lakers’ demise.