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What Kobe Bryant hated the most, according to ex-Lakers coach


Italian League head coach Tom Bialaszewski had an opportunity to work with the late and great Kobe Bryant as a video coordinator for the Los Angeles Lakers. Right from the get-go, Bialaszewski found out that Bryant didn’t want ‘yes men’ around him. But rather, Bryant wanted people who are confident with the beliefs.

Bialaszewski was on The Woj Pod where he talked about several things including his stint with the Lakers as an assistant coach. According to Bialaszewski, during their video sessions, Bryant would ask him for his thoughts on the specific clip they were watching. It would’ve been understandable if he got intimidated by Bryant. But then, as it turns out, this is exactly what Bryant hated the most.

“The biggest thing he didn’t want, he didn’t want yes men around him. He wanted people who had a conviction about their thoughts and who had an opinion, and didn’t kiss his ass and tell him what he wanted to hear. I think he really respected that.”

The stories around the late Lakers legend’s work ethic are legion. From workouts that start 4 am, to hoisting up thousands of shots every night, to brutal trash-talking with teammates at practice — the behind the curtain stories featuring Kobe add to how legendary he was.

And Bialaszewski’s story about Bryant’s attitude adds a thicker layer to it. It showed that Bryant, despite his stature as of the best ever, was always willing to listen to other people’s opinions. He didn’t hold himself in high regard. Yes, he is Kobe Bryant. But just like everyone else, he was a student of the game.