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Video: Lakers’ Anthony Davis videobombs LeBron James à la Chris Bosh

Lakers, leBron James, Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James falls victim to the Anthony Davis videobomb.

Yes, Anthony Davis.

During LeBron’s post-game interview after the Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, Davis decided to poke some fun at his controversial teammate and share a lighthearted moment.

Of course, LeBron is no longer new to this kind of antics. After all, during his time with the Miami Heat, his former teammate Chris Bosh was fond of videobombing him. In fact, it was so well documented that one could find a treasure trove of Bosh videobombs to LeBron.

Now, it seems Davis is ready to fill in that role and, possibly, make a collection of his own videobombs.

It certainly is an amusing moment, especially with LeBron in the middle of controversy after his recent comments about Daryl Morey and China. The King received plenty of criticisms for his remarks, which many deemed to be in support of China.

LeBron is now focusing on the season and has announced he will no longer talk about the issue. His moment with AD certainly shows they are ready to move on and looking forward for what’s to come in the 2019-20 campaign.

Hopefully, this is only the start of many more AD videobombs.