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Video: LeBron James Jr. viciously crossing up opponents

LeBron James Jr.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James’ son Bronny is only 13 years old and he has already made quite a few highlight reels. He was at it again showing off his handles crossing over another player as he brought the ball up the court. Bronny’s opponent lost his balance and the crowd loved it.

Bronny’s travel team, the North Coast Blue Chips are playing the Nationals in Charlotte North Carolina this week and the youngster is drawing a ton of attention. Not all the attention has been good as some fans have chanted “overrated” at LeBron’s kid.

It appears to be kids leading the chant which doesn’t make it any better. If any adults were chanting that at a 13-year-old kid then it might be time to rethink some life choices. It’s also probably the wrong kid to make such a claim about.

There have been players who were tagged as overrated in their younger years, but Bronny isn’t one of them. He does get a ton of extra attention because he is LeBron’s son. But even if he was just a kid making a name for himself, he would still be drawing serious attention.

It’s clear that Bronny has watched a ton of his father’s games growing up and has taken some of the best parts of his arsenal. He actually seems like a better shooter than his old man was at the same age, and as the time goes on the expectations are only going to go up.

He will be recruited by every big-name college when the time is right. Years from now, maybe father and son can play together in the NBA.