Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard is working on his 3-point shot this summer.

Yes, you read that right. The new Lakers big man posted a video of him shooting 3-pointers on his Instagram live account. Take a look:

This is actually kind of sad to watch. Dwight Howard used to be the most dominant center in the game. Now, he's on a non-guaranteed contract with the Lakers, working on his 3-point shot.

The NBA game has changed. Teams don't feed the ball into the post anymore. Most big guys in the league are stretch shooters now. The Lakers need Howard to rebound and block shots for them when he comes into the game for JaVale McGee. However, it looks like the former All-Star wants to contribute on offense as well and he's trying to adapt to the new NBA game by developing a 3-point shot.

Last season with the Washington Wizards, Howard played in just nine games. He underwent a lumbar microdiscotemy in November. Howard put up 12.8 points and 9.2 rebounds with Washington.

The demise of Howard has been tough to see. He was on top of the basketball world with the Orlando Magic. Hopefully, Howard can save his basketball career in his second stint with the Lakers.