Lakers video: Kobe Bryant tries to differentiate between Kobe beef and regular beef
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Kobe Bryant tries to differentiate between Kobe beef and regular beef

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is keeping himself busy in retirement. The five-time NBA champion recently guested on the Good Mythical Morning YouTube show and demonstrated his gastronomic knowledge.

In the episode, Bryant is asked to do a blind taste test on regular beef and premium Kobe beef and then try and identify which is which.

Bryant held his own alongside comedic hosts Rhett and Link, as the future Hall of Famer also had a few LOL moments himself throughout the episode. This does prove that Kobe might have a bright on-screen future ahead.

Kobe even hilariously shared a brief history on the etimology of his name, which according to him, was ridiculously given to him by his parents after seeing Kobe beef on a restaurant menu.

Bryant was competing against the hosts in the four-part taste test and the 18-time All-Star definitely brought the Mamba Mentality to the contest.

Kobe also took the opportunity to promote his recent foray into the world of podcasts. The Punies, which is described on its website as a podcast featuring “an eclectic group of neighborhood friends who play sports and take on adventures together,” was created by Bryant himself.

Below is the full 13-minute episode of Good Mythical Morning  featuring Kobe Bryant:

And there we have it.