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Video: LeBron James’ first slam in LA for the Lakers

lebron james

The first of many LeBron James slam dunk at Staples Center happened early in the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against Western Conference powerhouse Houston Rockets.

Almost five minutes into the opening period, the Lakers executed a perfectly-ran transition attack. It all began with Rajon Rondo pushing the ball up the court and throwing a long pass to JaVale McGee underneath. McGee then found a cutting LeBron and the Los Angeles big man had nothing else left to do.

As soon as James caught the ball, three Rockets players had the opportunity to stand in front of the four-time Most Valuable Player. But they knew better to not stand in the way of a freight train for the sake of not being posterized.

LeBron James and the Lakers entered the night coming off an opening-night loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

With a player of James’ star power now walking through the streets of a media oasis such as Los Angeles, every move of his gets magnified — even more so with “firsts” such as this above-the-rim exploit. Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat fans know this based on experience.

Los Angeles plans to play a more up-tempo style this season led by LeBron James. That said, these electrifying moments should come more often than usual despite his age because, as we all know, James is an anomaly.