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VIDEO: Lakers’ LeBron James left hanging for the high five; Jared Dudley tried to save him

LeBron James, Lakers, Jared Dudley, Frank Vogel

Once the Los Angeles Lakers sealed their victory over the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, LeBron James was subbed out and was congratulated by his teammates for a job well done.

James, too, handed out some high-fives but was left hanging by head coach Frank Vogel. Veteran forward Jared Dudley tried to save him but was a tad bit too late — but at least he tried.

Peep the clip below and notice how James just decided to give himself a high-five after he was left hanging by Vogel. Dudley saw all of this transpire and offered James a high-five of his own.

Sure enough, Dudley was quick to react on Twitter about his almost-heroic save.

The Lakers are back on track after losing to the Raptors on Sunday. In their 123-115 win over the Suns, James chipped in 19 points, seven rebounds, and 11 assists. LA also improved to 8-2 in the young season.

Other contributors include Anthony Davis who had 24-12, Danny Green who had 14 points including three 3-pointers, and Kyle Kuzma who finished with 23 points including two consecutive 3-pointers near the two-minute mark which helped seal the deal for the Lakers. Slowly and surely, Kuzma is returning to old form after missing the first few games of the 2019-20 season due to an injury.

The Lakers will head back to Staples Center for a four-game homestand starting with the short-handed Golden State Warriors squad on Wednesday.