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Video: Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma make fun of Brandon Ingram at movie theatre

brandon ingram, lakers

With their team having the day off on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers’ trio of Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram took some time to relax by watching a film together in the cinema. On the way inside the movie house, the rookies had some fun at the expense of the second-year forward.

After seeing the poster of the upcoming movie Slender Man, Kuzma took to his Snapchat account to capture Ingram while he and Ball were telling their slender teammate that he will star in it soon. Ingram took it like a true sport and burst out laughing as his teammates were trolling him.

The clip goes to show that the three of them are starting to form a strong bond and are enjoying each other’s company even outside of games and practices. They are all considered as the future cornerstones of the Lakers and they will be relied upon heavily to try and bring back the franchise’s glory days.

Together with their other young guns, Kuzma, Ball, and Ingram will all play important roles in ending their rebuilding process by possibly making the playoffs this year.

Their budding friendship and chemistry will only make the Lakers better as it could translate to more wins if they become more familiar with their tendencies on and off the court. Their relaxed demeanor may be the trick to returning to their winning ways on Wednesday against the Oklahoma City Thunder after the Lakers saw their four-game winning streak snapped by the Memphis Grizzlies on Martin Luther King Day.