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Lakers are widely believed to offer package of young prospects for Paul George

The Los Angeles Lakers boast a completely new look in their front office when it comes to not only personnel, but ideology. Led by a charismatic Magic Johnson at the presidential chair of basketball operation and former player-agent Rob Pelinka as the general manager, the L.A. brawn is not hesitating to make risky decisions if it involves winning immediately.

Despite spending the better part of the last two seasons developing the likes of D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, and most recently Brandon Ingram — the Lakers front office isn’t so enamored with any of them to not consider shipping them out in exchange for Indiana Pacers swingman Paul George, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

Reports show George has remained connected to the Lakers, but the Pacers won’t let him go without some trade pieces in return.

“The Lakers will dangle prospects for Paul George,” wrote Lowe.

The move will clearly demonstrate the main focus of this front office group is winning now instead of attempting a dynasty with all the young talent the organization has amassed during the last three years.

A potential trade would have to start with Indiana’s realization that George wants out, first and foremost — then surveying the field of offers they can get for him. So far, the only serious players are the Boston Celtics (who hold the Brooklyn Nets first-round pick), and the Lakers.

As more teams show interest in George, the price tag for his services will go up, adhering to simple supply-and-demand.

A trade for the 6-foot-9 forward will be more than likely a war of attrition, with one side knowing he has to be traded before the deadline before risking to lose him for nothing — and another needing to give up a decent package, but not overpay, since the star has already shown major interest in coming to the purple and gold franchise.

The Lakers will need to pony up an offer a nice enough package to be feasible to compete with other teams, but can’t afford to either overshoot or sandbag the Pacers, as the Celtics (and potentially other teams) could make the Pacers an offer they can’t refuse.

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