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LaMelo Ball Optic rookie cards are breaking the market

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Every basketball card collector knows that Prizm is king and Select comes in at a close second. While that has been the order for quite some time now, there is a significant number of hobbyists who lean toward Optic. And, right now, the love for this set has peaked with the release of last season’s hottest rookie: LaMelo Ball. We take a look below at how the Charlotte Hornets’ first Optic card is faring out there on the market.

The Onslaught Of LaMelo Ball Optic Rookie Cards

In a post shared by SlabStox, a base 2020 Optic Rated Rookie LaMelo Ball sold for $200 on the market recently. In comparison, his base Prizm rookie card is priced at $50, which is significantly more affordable than the new release.

At those prices, around four Prizm rookie cards of Ball can be had instead of going for the newer Optic. We head over to eBay’s sold listings to see whether the values of these two cards have stayed the same or fluctuated.

LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, 2020 NBA draft Prizm rookie card watch

For the past week, Ball’s Prizm card sold somewhere along the range of $47 to $53. These prices make it possible for collectors to obtain said card at a much cheaper rate than when it was released last March.

The big story here is LaMelo Ball’s latest and shiny new Rated Rookie card. Indeed, it actually sold for $200 and even went up to as high as $289. After the initial wave, it hit a bottom of $69 before settling at around $103.

These numbers only mean that the interest and demand for Ball’s Optic card have gone insane. While that may be the case, it isn’t going to last for long.

The Outlook On LaMelo Ball Optic Rated Rookie Card

While Ball’s Rated Rookie card made a killing during its first week of release, it won’t stay up there forever. As proven by past products, the hype around this particular offering will die down in the coming weeks. 


When that happens, those who purchased at the peak will see the value of this LaMelo Ball card go drastically down. Panini’s Optic products for retail stores will come out soon too, which will further drag this card’s value.

Of course, that outlook can still change. For that to happen, Ball’s second year in the NBA must see him take a massive leap. He has to increase his points per game, consistently make eye-popping plays, and lead the Hornets towards a top-tier spot in the Eastern Conference.

If those things become a reality, Ball’s card value can mimic a generational talent who came before him: Luka Doncic. As of now, all of his rookie cards are more valuable than any other young star in the league. If Ball becomes Doncic 2.0 this season, expect his Optic, and all of his rookie cards, to burst through the roof.

As of now, it isn’t wise to chase last season’s Rookie of the Year Optic card while it’s the hottest thing going right now. What collectors need to do is wait for those retail boxes to come out until supply overcomes demand. In that way, you get to make the most out of your money while nabbing this LaMelo Ball card down the line.