Last Dance news: Michael Jordan believes Bulls could have won 7 titles
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Michael Jordan believes Bulls could have won 7 titles


The Chicago Bulls were indeed the most dominant dynasty in the ’90s. To this day, many believe they could have had even more titles had the team stayed together following the 1998 season. Bulls icon Michael Jordan shares the same sentiment, proclaiming his belief that they could have enjoyed a “four-peat” if not for then-GM Jerry Krause’s wish to blow up the squad.

Jordan made it clear in the final episode of ESPN’s 10-part docuseries “The Last Dance”, which aired on Sunday.

Despite the team’s success, Jerry Krause has had a testy relationship with the Bulls’ core for years. He made it clear that the ’98 season will be Phil Jackson’s final year as the team’s head coach, regardless if they won the championship or not and despite Jordan’s threat that he isn’t staying without the Zen Master around.

True enough, he was replaced by Krause’s dear friend Tim Floyd the next year. The decision to not bring back Jackson played a big role in Michael Jordan retiring for a second time.

Chicago also shipped Scottie Pippen to the Houston Rockets that same year and elected not to re-sign Dennis Rodman.

The Bulls went on a complete (yet totally pre-mature) re-build and haven’t made it to the Finals since then. The 1999 season was shortened by the lockout and had the eventual champions San Antonio Spurs and New York Knicks face off in the Finals.

It’s evident that the ’98 team was far more superior than these two squads and would have smoked them in a seven-game series.

That 1999 season will go down in history as another one of the greatest what-ifs in basketball. That Jordan-led Bulls squad, after all, was a cut above the rest and one of the best teams in history.